1st February 1885 marks indelibly the date of the recognition of the nation of Cabinda, as a corollary to the international recognition of the Treaty of Simulambuco, signed by the representatives of the Portuguese crown and the people of Cabinda, which permitted Portugal to settle on Cabindan territory.

Every Cabindan, regardless of his location and social status, should take this opportunity to reflect on the nation’s reality and future.

No one should ignore or be unaware of our people’s sufferings, because it would be a conscious or unconscious contribution to the efforts of the MPLA  regime to crush the legitimate aspirations of the people of Cabinda and continue to inflict all kind of blows against a humble people who just want to be accepted as a nation which is by those who torments them and do not want to recognize the reason and human dignity that Cabindans deserve; but think to have the right to impose Cabindans to accept what they never been  prior to the Angolan occupation

Angola must understand that Cabindans are entitled to the right and the freedom to define their own destiny as a nation either within Angola or outside it. Consequently the government of Luanda should abandon the policy and culture of terror employed in Cabinda and take a responsible attitude towards a peaceful resolution of this dispute which opposes them to the people of Cabinda.

There are various options and social models from which Cabinda could gain inspiration in finding a dignified, just and long lasting solution to all parts involved and have never been tried  so far  because  Angola favours a military solution based on corruption and the murdering of those who oppose its strategies. Unfortunately the world powers tolerate that.

We urge the developed world to say “enough is enough” to Angola, and the United Nations Mission to visit Cabinda and listen with liberality to the people of Cabinda, so it can learn of its martyrdom and allow for the UN to issue an unequivocal statement on Cabinda.

We think the time has come to see the issue of Cabinda from a different angle that puts an  end to the barbarity and suffocation of the regime of Luanda in the territory of Cabinda.

We urge the people of Cabinda to reflect on the prospects of our just cause, a cause that has been partly abused by those who should uphold it, so that we may gain the sympathy of attentive observers.

Yes, we need a consultation, who will support this people’s aim, which could be the ingredient that brings back the flavour that this cause was near to losing, for nothing! Also, no price can be put on a people’s dignity and no one should arrogate to themselves the right to do so.

Unfortunately we live this reality and, to judge by their behaviour, there are few who not quite openly declare themselves the owners of Cabinda and name a price to convey by an undefined mortgage the Cabindan Nation.

Cabinda belongs to no one man or to any family who could reduce it to this level of absurdity.

However, the problem is not just sitting around a table, it is also about knowing who will speak to whom about what; and in what spirit and where? Is there a genuine desire to resolve the problem or is it more like a farce whose aim is to help the regime of Luanda to identify new victims?

Long live the 1st February, Cabinda Nation Day!


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