The destiny of the people of Cabinda rests on their determination to assert their dignity on the fundamental bases of the Universal Charter of the United Nations on Human and People Rights.
Cabindan people claim vis-à-vis the Angolan occupation of their territory is based on a historical and legal reality known by everyone except for lack of kindness.

We are facing an Angolan regime equipped with unpredictable spirit without precedent; Cabindan people remain serene and convinced on the fact that the Angolan regime will not lead the international community to play its game, which would do nothing but worsen the already deplorable and unbearable situation of Cabinda taking into account the war imposed to these people by the Angolan war machine since 1975.

Here illustrated how is the will of the Angolan regime for the resolution of the conflict in Cabinda, taking the example of the armed attack of January 8th, 2010 against the convoy of the Togolese football delegation two days before the beginning of the CAN 2010, which caused two deaths and casualties within this delegation and of one Cabindan, the bus driver, attack occurred in Massabi (Cabinda), near to the border with Congo/Brazzaville..

Several questions made the ink to leak!

At first sight, the regime of MPLA libellously allotted the attack to the Cabindan armed resistance of FLEC in order to reach one of its objectives not other than that to discrediting this resistance before the international community and to put it in the list of terrorist movements whereas it is in all legitimacy that the FLEC is opposed to the Angolan occupation by its armed wing, since 1975.

A few days after this unhappy attack, a true manhunt was established against certain well targeted Cabindan personalities on all the extent of the territory of Cabinda and beyond its borders in particular in Pointe-Noire, Congo Brazzaville.

The manhunt against Cabindans will end in unjustified arrests in Pointe-Noire, Republic of C

ongo, and especially in Cabinda including those of three (3) villagers of the area close to the place of the attack and of André Zeferino Puati, Belchior Lanso Tati, Raul Tati, Francisco Luemba, Jose Benjamin Fuca and other members of Cabindan civil society, who will be judged and condemned by Angolan justice and finally freed by that same justice under international pressure of the defenders of Human rights

Days after, towards the end of  2010, this same justice will sentence João Puati one of the victims of this arbitrary justice to 24 years of prison, accused to be the author of the attack attributed to FLEC!
To note that this man was arrested together with other Congolese citizens those after the intervention of the Congolese Government were freed without indictment.

The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda congratulates all the organizations and personalities who endeavoured to defend the Human rights in Cabinda to reach the freedom of our brothers, members of the Cabindan civil society, and congratulates the brothers freed for their courage of defending peacefully the people of Cabinda in this environment of oppression, injustice and intolerance.

“We have just testified the victory of the force of reason over the reason of force”.

This convinces us that if the international community assumes its position and its responsibility clearly in the Case of Cabinda; a peaceful, dignified and just solution will be possible; and the martyrdom, which the people of Cabinda endure, will find its end.

Making the turn of the events, each one will be able to draw a conclusion according to its understanding; but what is true; it is that this situation goes beyond the simple conflict Angola-Cabinda as we see badly why Togo would become a target and victim of this conflict.

We deduce what follows:

– Angola as organizing country of the CAN 2010 decides to camouflage the war that it imposes deliberately to the people of Cabinda by programming in this territory the play of certain games of the CAN; and authorises the Togolese team to enter to Cabinda via Massabi border ensuring its security. Therefore Angola was conscious of what it was doing.

– It is the same regime which will allot the attack to the FLEC; will implement series of arrests of Cabindans acting as gendarme of the African continent will judge and condemn those that it (Angolan regime) calls terrorists and finally will decide to free these Cabindan sons to appease the international community.

We question ourselves to know where exactly is situated the responsibility of the international community?

. Is the international community part of the Angolan game? If so why and for which interest? We put ourselves this question because the great powers which take care for peace, safety and fundamental freedoms of the people in this world do not say any word, in clear and honest way, on the exactions of the Angolan regime in the territory of Cabinda with the rigor that we see elsewhere.

These events left not only irremediable moral damage to Cabindans taxed wrongly as terrorists, but also, the loss of the human lives caused to the Togolese delegation and the Togolese people as whole, without perceptible reasons .  .
What Cabindans hope from the international community is quite simply “taking standpoint and responsibility on what these people endure”.

The resolution of the “CABINDA CASE” must be based on universal and democratic principles which promote freedom of expression and self-determination of the people


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